Paul, Again, thank you for your great service. P.S. Must include Donna. She is ever so gracious and helpful. Please extend my appreciation.


Dear Paul, Claudia and all, Thank you for your support during this very difficult time. You have all gone out of your way both personally and professionally in your kindness both when my father was alive and after his passing. Everything you do is truly appreciated. I'm sure your success is based on how you take the time to make every client feel a little bit like 'family' and never seem any question is 'too dumb'. My father especially enjoyed working with you all over the years. Thank you for EVERYTHING you have done and will do in the future.


"I do not think I would have made it through the process we needed to face without Ann. She is a true professional in her field that gets results, and is wonderful person who is caring, compassionate, and easy to work with." - Thank you, Thank you Thank you!


Dearest Ann, Thank you so much for your professionalism, knowledge, support and assistance. You have made an otherwise horrendous experience ("taxes"!!) bearable and indeed a relief! Thank you so much!


We wanted to thank Ann and for her professionalism during all our years having RGHCPA taking care of our personal and business matters. The professionalism, courteousness as well as representation in our business tax matters has made our construction business run smoothly without interruption of our day to day activities. What a kind and gentle person Ann is, yet having such a professional demeanor. We appreciate her and the value she adds to your company. A "gem" we should all have and regard in our office. We look forward to many more years of working together.


Dear Paul, From the day Clarke met you he knew he was in good hands. He so appreciated all you have done for us and will continue to do. ... Thank you again Paul.


Paul, Thank you very much for participating in our Advance Leadership Program for Contractors. Many of the participants praised and valued the material you cover and your friendly and pragmatic style. You made accounting an interesting topic, WOW.


"Again,.. know that your kindness to me through out the years has been truly appreciated."


"I hope you know how very much we appreciate all the extra time and effort you take to help us."


"Thanks again for all the support you give us. It's so wonderful to find professionals who care enough to think outside the box and have your best interest at heart."


"A short note to thank you for the support you have afforded M. in her recent challenge with S. She always respects you as a friend and a professional, and as her father, I appreciate this immensely. We feel blessed to have you as our financial advisor."


"K and I enjoyed meeting with you a few weeks ago and we can see why my father in law recommended you. We appreciate the fact that you took the itme to explain various thigs to us. As promised, I have looked up the items we talked about. ...Thanks again."


"Thank you, thank you for your patience and great humor! You helped me through it again!"

L. C.

"D. and I wanted you to know that it was a pleasure to work with you on the recent "deal". Hopefully, all is going to end in a great success. Hope we will see you again soon. Your clients are very lucky to have you as their accountant and advisor."


"Thank you for taking the time to speak with me last week. For nearly a year and a half I have tried speaking with all sorts of financial planners in order to gain the necessary advice and direction. You explained things clearly and without a lot of jargon which finally allowed me to feel comfortable in making a decision about investing and setting up an IRA. I appreciate your time and advice so much."


"Thank you very much. This info (website) is really helpful"


"Just want to say you're amazing! Thanks so much for completing our taxes in a timely manner."


"We can't thank you enough for all your work on our taxes and even offering to put the bank info in to speed up the return. You really go the extra mile."


"As always you out-do yourself in getting me information."


"You are a genius! I was astounded to receive my completed tax form so soon. Thank you.... You are on my list of favorite people."


"As I sit here, my mind is still boggled by what manner all of this information will come together to best represent my information, in that I had a lot happening. Knowing your level of knowledge/experience, I trust you will put it all together in my best interests and I truly appreciate that. You are the best! So below is the information and I am giving you the 100% freedom to 'work with' that information as best you can to complete my income tax return. "


"I wish to extend my sincere appreciation to you for helping me through this mess I've created. I regret not speaking to you over these last few years. Not until it was too late did I realize I was in (tax) trouble - then I was simply too embarrassed to ask for your help. . . . the point of this letter is to thank you for making it comfortable to speak to you. I appreciated your considerate manner and lack of condescension. The mark of a true gentleman."


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